The Reading Experience and Multi-Tasking

I’m in the middle of baking massive amounts of cookies in my new lovely oven that I just adore! I bake about 100 dozen cookies every year at this time to put in holiday baskets for some of my DH’s customers. Its a lot of work, but I generally get it done in one week baking every night from about 7pm till midnight or so. I have a system and it works really well as long as no one messes with Mommy in the kitchen.

Last year I watched all 7 seasons of The Shield. Seriously twisted TV show. I brought my laptop into the kitchen, hooked it up to the kitchen speakers, and  told my family to take a hike. The problem was the kitchen is kind of the center point for the house and well, kind of hard to keep everyone out of the kitchen. So, while I was baking, the kids were in and out and asking me questions, driving me nuts. Plus, it was kind of hard to watch and bake and move about my kitchen. I missed a lot. Good thing I generally watch shows at least 2 or 3 times.

This year I bluetooth ear set and instead of watching TV shows, I downloaded an audio book. I’ve been really into audio books lately. When driving my daughter back to college (a 7 hour drive) I will listen to an audio book. She’s not in the car since we take her car and then load the truck…Anyway, I first listened to James Patterson’s Kill Me If You Can. One scene in that book really disturbed me. I know, I’m not easily disturbed, but this was just too much even for me. Then I listened to Michael Connelly’s The Fifth Witness. I liked it. Then, on the last trip to go visit my daughter I downloaded I Am Number Four.

I have found that the reading experience is different when listening to audio books versus reading. I’ve also found my attention span is a lot longer. Not that I don’t have a long attention span, I do. I can sit and read for hours and hours, but listening to audio while baking, cooking, cleaning, etc gives new meaning to multi-tasking and I am all about the ability to do more than one thing at a time.

I have one more evening of cookie baking (tonight) and I should also be finished with the latest book I downloaded, The Drop by Michale Connelly. Yes, I am a fan.

Next week I will be multi-taking dictating my notes via Dragon Dictation while doing laundry, cooking, etc. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What is your favorite multi-tasking event?

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2 responses to “The Reading Experience and Multi-Tasking

  1. I haven’t started “The Drop” yet but look forward to it. Only have listened to one audio book on a trip once, not a fan. *shrug* Maybe driving takes too much concentration or perhaps that particular book wasn’t as engaging.

    The cookies sound like fun! But I’d probably gain 100 pounds tasting everything, love that cookie dough.

  2. Jen, very timely post – and 100 dozen cookies – WOW! I love to write out my Christmas cards while watching TV and alternating laundry. Multi tasking is awesome ;) Wish I had some of your cookies though….

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