Dragon Diction and Mindsets

Since I broke my hand, typing has been interesting. The first week it just plan hurt to type, so I really didn’t. I had a lot of cover art work to do and that is done more with the mouse, dragging and dropping, manipulating, etc. I also had some formatting to do and that I can do with one hand since its not typing like this. For long emails and other business related things I used Dragon Diction either on my iPad or for my Mac. I’ve used dictation before and am known for talking into my phone when an idea strikes, but I’ve never written fiction with something like Dragon Diction…until now.

While I was baking my 96 dozen cookies, I was replaying a couple of scenes from my current WIP (still, no freaking title) when I came across some dialogue I thought was brilliant. I went to my computer and wrote it down, then realized maybe I could bake cookies and “dictate” my writing at the same time. What a freaking brilliant idea.

So, I got out the head set, hooked myself up in the kitchen (batter was made, so just scooping dough and plopping it on the cookie sheets) and thought I would just “speak my book”.


There is something to be said for typing out the words that play in our writers mind versus talking out the words. Two totally different ways of thinking and no amount of control over our mind is going to fix that. After this experience, I truly believe our minds work differently when we free hand writing, type write and talk write. Each one, I believe, takes a different mindset and until you train your mind to work one way over the other…forget about it.

I put this topic under mind control because I believe as writers our minds have a mind all their own. When I first started writing I really didn’t know what I was doing. I had to develop a skill set and figure out how my mind really worked. That took some time. I’ve had to learn to control mind so that I can function effectively. I’m not a panters, but when ideas come to me out of order, I need to find a way to deal with those ideas so they don’t get lost. I’m also a linear writer, but sometimes scenes come to me that won’t happen for chapters and chapters, but I have to file them away somewhere, or I will lose them.

This is mind control.

I do think I could write using Dragon Dictation, but I will have to train my mind to function differently. What I found out was that when I’m typing, my mind is flowing not in words, but in structure of the words. When I’m speaking, my mind slows down and focuses more on the words. I’m also more caught up in how the words sound, so my inner editor is all over the place. I think what this will be good for is my stream of consious thoughts. My brainstorming with myself. My character set ups, or plot structure sheets where my only goal is to get the ideas on paper, not for it to be “good.”

Off to more hockey. We’ve had lots of hockey this weekend and both my boys have managed to land themselves in the penalty box!

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2 responses to “Dragon Diction and Mindsets

  1. I’m not sure I could do more then brainstorm while talking. My mind has a tendency to wander through twenty subjects while speaking, as you pointed out, weighing all the variables of speech pattern, word choice, oh look a squirrel.

    Normally, I start with hand written notes and plotting diagrams, etc., then move to the computer to compile, structure and write. You are right on about each thing requiring a different mindset.

    Hope your hand heals soon, Jen. All the best.

  2. Txdragon

    I to am playing around with speak writing and it is very diffrent but I’m starting to get it! I found it easer to use speak writing if you use it from the very beginning planning proscess of your WIP. Start with your synopsis and so on and you can start getting a rythm. I don’t know if that will help anyone but this has been my experience. Keep up the great post!

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