Writing is so NOT Glamorous

But maybe it needs to be….


Yes, I’m all over the place because I’m really struggling with my writing. I’ve been setting aside a few hours every evening to write. I pick up my laptop and move from my desk to my comfy reading chair in my office the DH got me for Christmas. This chair has many purposes. I sit and watch TV while I fold laundry in it. I sit and read. AND I write while sitting in it. Or at least that was the plan.

But its not working out so well for me lately.

I don’t believe in writers block, but I do believe if you don’t exercise your talents it will take a while to get them back. I’ve been writing in spurts over the last couple of years and my WIP was coming along nicely. Then the next WIP was coming along nicely. And then the next. I have 3 manuscripts that are not finished. I have 3 other manuscripts that are drafts, but I can’t seem to wrap my brain around what I was doing with them…even though I have all my spreadsheets and notes written out and at my fingertips.

But try as I might, I’m stuck. I sit, with hands on the keyboard, but they don’t move. Except for yesterday. They moved at the rink. I wrote one random scene for current WIP and I realized the majority of my writing used to be done at ice rinks while my children were at practice. Do I need to go to the ice rink to write?

I don’t think so, but I’m not sure what the solution will be other than I think I just have to exercise that part of my brain. I get a lot of the creative component when I do covers and other aspects of my “day job”, so I know the ability to craft is still there.

I also have to wonder if this momentary lapse in the ability to write is more of an inability to connect with what I want to write…meaning I don’t really know what I want to write and until I figure that out, I’m going to continue to be stuck.

Which brings up the kind of books I’ve been writing versus the kinds of books I have been published in. Perhaps, the dark edgy tone of my voice is still too dark and I need to go back to my roots. Back to what brought me to writing in the first place. So, this week will be filled with reading a bunch of my all time favorite Romantic Suspense books and see what kind of characters and stories I fall in love with.

Reading is a part of writing. So, off to read.

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4 responses to “Writing is so NOT Glamorous

  1. There is often a disconnect between what we are writing and what we WANT to be writing. Sometimes we don’t KNOW what we want to write, only that what we are writing is not what we want to be writing. So we leave manuscripts unfinished because we lose our enthusiasm for the project. Then we start another one. And another.

    I have had the same problem the past few years. The best advice I can give: write that one story that keeps nagging at you, the one that wants to be written. You know which one it is. And don’t stop till you finish. Your reward will be that you can start another one; kinda like getting dessert because you finished your peas!

  2. Jen, I can relate! And I know I need to read more as part of being a writer. So when I’m truly restless and cant write – I go read – and think of it as research! :)

  3. fivereflections

    just thoughts:

    imagine a love affair with your writing – time management works, but imagine a world, where you spend time listening to what your creative characters are showing you (show – never tell) – we all know how our characters take over manuscripts, next thing they do will ask for the keys to the car…

    when restless, close your eyes and just clear those restless thoughts – they are wasting your time. don’t think – ideas will surface, ideas you never knew you could imagine….

    you are right about writer’s block – it is a figment of someone else’s imagination – ask your creative characters what’s up! oh, rest your fingers now and then, they will have you typing night and day…

    btw – hello!

    David in Maine USA

  4. Hey Jen! My best advice and what works for me is to queue up some movies and deconstruct them in your head or on a note pad. It might be annoying to your family if you deconstruct aloud. Set-up, call to adventure, you get the drift… (Alexandra Sokoloff has an in depth list on her blog if you want to go deep) you’re still “writing” even though you’re watching. There could be a plot development buried in your subconscious that’s just waiting to be thrust into the forefront and gets you excited about your WIP again. It might be worth a try AND it’s fun.

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