The Super Secret Sacred Words and our Fearless Leader

This is the last post in my author branding series:

People ask me all the time how old my children are and I reply with a proud smile, “I have a 91, a 93 and 97.” Everyone reading this post who has a child who has played or does play hockey is rolling on the floor laughing hysterically because they get it.  They also understand that my nearly new SUV has more miles than the average 1966 Chevy owner. Seriously. Of course there is the advice I give my boys every time they leave for the big game, “make mama proud and hit someone.” Yes. I really say that. $20 bucks goes to the first Talty who “drops” someone. For those of you who have hockey players or follow the sport, this all makes perfect sense, for the rest of you it’s a foreign language.

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One response to “The Super Secret Sacred Words and our Fearless Leader

  1. Txdragon

    For a Texan I have to say yes a foreign language ; ) I’m still digging in the past blogs and I just wanted to say thank you for all the writing tips. I have recently come to the understanding that I should treat every aspect of a story like a good character. The plot, locations, back stories, and so on all need to grow and develop as a good character should. Wile this is simple it is my curent apaifiny that has been a giant boost to my creative writing journey! Thank you, I blame your blog for this! : )

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