Secrets, lies and the internet… a balancing act

I’ve been trying to get my latest novel done. Slow going here. I pounded out half the novel in a week long craze at the lake. then it kind of stopped there. I was supposed to write 10k words this week (part of my local RWA writing challenge). Epic fall. I’ve participated every month since January and every month since January it has been an epic fail. Weird. The week I wrote 30k words was not a writing challenge week. Sigh.

Excerpt on Wattpad

Excerpt on Wattpad

The book is titled Deadly Secrets and I posted the first chapter on Wattpad.

I’m struggling for two reasons. First one is I know there is a major plot hole. A hole so big you could drive a barge through it.

The premise of the story is basically: what if the past that was erased for you came back and threatened your current world? My hero has changed his identity numerous times over the years, running from his notorious mobster father. This was a decision that was made for my hero at the age of 4, but one he’s accepted.

He’s been able to keep the same identity now for nearly 15 years, but still looks over his shoulder. He’s tired of it. And he’s tired of moving every couple of years. He wants roots and he wants them in his current location, so he puts in an offer for a local motel/hotel. But what he doesn’t know is big development company that also put a bid on the property is owned by his real father.

Reece, the hero, is determined to stop running, but things take a turn for the worse when the only women he’s ever loved life is threatened. What will he do? Run? Or stay and try to reclaim his life? And hers?

Problem is, I’ve got so many lies woven into all the secrets that I’m having a hard time following it. I’ve written down all the lies. All the secrets, but something is either missing, or there are just too damn many of them.

I have this scene that I keep trying to write, but I can’t even get past the first couple of sentences. It has to do with the the hero, his father, and the internet–uncovering some of the lies and secrets, but I know its all wrong. I’ve somehow written myself into a corner. Argh.

The second reason I’m struggling, well, that’s two-part. One is that summer does not allow me to have a schedule and I am a schedule person. The second is, well, my to do list for Cool Gus is just out the door.

It’s a balancing act that I just haven’t mastered yet.


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3 responses to “Secrets, lies and the internet… a balancing act

  1. wallacecass

    You have my respect there, Jen, for knocking out half a novel in one week’s time. For me that would mean over 45,000 words and I just don’t have that sort of drive currently. I appreciate your struggle and the fact that you’re still going speaks volumes about your character and work ethic.

  2. Peter Spenser


    One way around (or through) a plot hole is to think of the plot, as it exists so far, as true… as given. As if you are an investigator and you have been given these facts that concern a case and you can tell that your information is incomplete. Some things don’t fit together.

    Then, as an investigator would, consider various possibilities that might have occurred that would make all the pieces fit together.

    Then pick the best one(s)—the ones that you as the author like the best, which tell the best story—and write them into your book.

    Sometimes—often—doing that works.

    Peter Spenser

  3. lisa Orsino

    Hi Jen, trying to reach you to leave my email address. I was the winner of your book Two Weeks from the Jennifer Probst release party.
    Lisa Orsino

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