True Lies 11: Lying for a Living & The Unforgiving Minute

True Lies 11: Lying for a Living & The Unforgiving Minute.

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Secrets, lies and the internet… a balancing act

I’ve been trying to get my latest novel done. Slow going here. I pounded out half the novel in a week long craze at the lake. then it kind of stopped there. I was supposed to write 10k words this week (part of my local RWA writing challenge). Epic fall. I’ve participated every month since January and every month since January it has been an epic fail. Weird. The week I wrote 30k words was not a writing challenge week. Sigh.

Excerpt on Wattpad

Excerpt on Wattpad

The book is titled Deadly Secrets and I posted the first chapter on Wattpad.

I’m struggling for two reasons. First one is I know there is a major plot hole. A hole so big you could drive a barge through it.

The premise of the story is basically: what if the past that was erased for you came back and threatened your current world? My hero has changed his identity numerous times over the years, running from his notorious mobster father. This was a decision that was made for my hero at the age of 4, but one he’s accepted.

He’s been able to keep the same identity now for nearly 15 years, but still looks over his shoulder. He’s tired of it. And he’s tired of moving every couple of years. He wants roots and he wants them in his current location, so he puts in an offer for a local motel/hotel. But what he doesn’t know is big development company that also put a bid on the property is owned by his real father.

Reece, the hero, is determined to stop running, but things take a turn for the worse when the only women he’s ever loved life is threatened. What will he do? Run? Or stay and try to reclaim his life? And hers?

Problem is, I’ve got so many lies woven into all the secrets that I’m having a hard time following it. I’ve written down all the lies. All the secrets, but something is either missing, or there are just too damn many of them.

I have this scene that I keep trying to write, but I can’t even get past the first couple of sentences. It has to do with the the hero, his father, and the internet–uncovering some of the lies and secrets, but I know its all wrong. I’ve somehow written myself into a corner. Argh.

The second reason I’m struggling, well, that’s two-part. One is that summer does not allow me to have a schedule and I am a schedule person. The second is, well, my to do list for Cool Gus is just out the door.

It’s a balancing act that I just haven’t mastered yet.


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Left Brain, Right Brain and Stuck in the Beginning

Are you right brained? Or are you left brained?

Right brained people tend to be best at creative tasks. They say right brained people are better at the following:

  • Recognizing Faces
  • Expressing Emotions
  • Music
  • Reading Emotions
  • Color
  • Images
  • Intuition
  • Creativity

While left brained people tend to best at logical and analytical thinking. They say left brained people are better at the following:

  • Language
  • Logic
  • Critical Thinking
  • Numbers
  • Reasoning

In all the test I’ve taken over the years I generally end up about 50/50 between the sides of the brain. I just took another one and I ended up 40% left brained and 60% right brained. Sounds about right. And my current career requires me to be able to manage both. And its the managing of both that can cause a problem because I spend more time using my left side than my right side lately. Making the switch between working on eBook conversion, HTML, formatting or dealing with conference calls and other left side activities to the creative right side of the brain has proven difficult for me lately. In part, I believe, because the creative side is being used when I make covers for our authors. But the other part is that I use up my brain power.

No matter what side is dominate, you only have so much brain power. Yeah, yeah, we don’t tap into like 90% of what our brains are capable of, but we do only have so much energy per day.

I’m working on the 3rd book in the NY State Trooper Series titled Deadly Secrets. I’m about 40k into the book and its a hot mess for two reasons. The first being the left brain/right brain thing. I get up in the morning and go right to work…on the business, which I love and enjoy so much that I wouldn’t give it up for nothing. So, I carved out a few hours in the evening, but by the time I open up the laptap, move to the back porch (need to change my environment) I butt ugly tired and only crank out about 500 words. Never going to finish at that pace. So, starting next week, I’m trying something new now that school is over I don’t have to drive the baby boy to the HS anymore. I’m going to continue to get up at 5:30, but I’m not going to be making breakfast, packing lunch, and driving across town. I’m going to spend from 5:30 to about 8am writing. Then, eat some grub, and get to work on the other stuff. I’ll let you know how it goes. I think I just have to train my brain to function this way. Hey, the first book I ever wrote, I wrote in a hockey rink, so if I can do that, I can do this.

And hopefully this will solve the real problem on why I’m stuck, and that is the beginning. I know where the book ends. I know the climatic scene. I’ve written the climatic scene, but the beginning does feel like it’s the beginning. I feel like something is missing (probably more of the reason why I’m only getting 500 words, and not all the left/right brained stuff, but that made me feel better). Anyway, My GMC chart with the heroine is weak, so weak that I know deep down that her goal isn’t really her goal. Her motivation is dead on, but Goal and Conflict, not so much. The hero is set up perfectly, but it feels like the heroine is just there, not really part of the core conflict and um, well I kind of need that for a romance. So, back to the beginning. Going to spend a little time getting to know my heroine and find out what she really wants and why she can’t have it.


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Book Expo America 2013 Initial Thoughts & Reactions #BEA13

Recent trip recap of BEA.

Book Expo America 2013 Initial Thoughts & Reactions #BEA13.

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Tuesday Tickles: Revenge, is it worth it?

Anyone watch Revenge? I do. I love the show. Sunday’s episode was pretty wicked. So many different things going on and on so many different levels. It begs the question, is Revenge worth it?

They say, whoever they are, that the sweetest revenge is success. But the definition of revenge is: The action of inflicting hurt or harm for a wrong suffered at their hands. Not sure success then fits the bill for revenge.

I think we all want to seek out a little revenge on someone who hurt us in some way. It’s natural. Normal. Who has even gone through in their minds how to seek that revenge? Hell, I’m writer, so I get to take that all out on my characters, so obviously I’ve given it some thoughts. But revenge is a hard business. It takes up a lot of energy and it tends to pull you down, often destroying the person seeking revenge. In the case of Emily, in the show Revenge, it’s consumed her to the point she’s willing to let those she loves, or loved, suffer so she can seek her “justice”. Takes a pretty cold person to do that, if you ask me. Yet, her plight is so real, we want the revenge for her. We want to see the Greyson’s suffer. We want to see them fall because of all the horrible things they did to Emily’s (Amanda’s) father. But is there a better way? Could revenge come and exposure? No, that would be too simple, and it is TV (not reality). Under certain circumstances, I might go to extreme lengths to make sure someone paid for the wrong doing, but perhaps I’d do (in real life) within the confounds of the law. Then again, we are capable of things we think we are not capable of. Ah…a bit philosophical today, aren’t I?

Revenge comes at a price, we have to admit that. And I love what Aiden says to his Asian friend at the bar in this weeks episode. Something to the effect of that when Emily gets her revenge, she’ll see, as I saw, how empty that is. Of course, he then tells her to take the bastard down, so not sure what he’s thinking, except he’s got her back. That’s important. To have some really have your back. Revenge is not a trusting business, so it’s a risk, but someone has to have your back.

So, there is your brain tickle for this Tuesday. Do you have what it takes to be in the Revenge business?

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