An overview of the asus rt ac88u wireless router

The asus rt ac88u according to the reviews is the best dual band router currently available. The presence of eight Gigabit LAN ports including additional support for Dual-WAN where one of the LAN ports can be converted to a WAN port makes it the best in the business. Another spectacular feature of this router is the integration of two LAN ports to convert them into a single connection with exceptional speeds. The wireless router industry has so far not witnessed anything alike. If you were looking for a dependable yet easy to use the wireless router, then asus rt ac88u is going to be the perfect choice for both home and office purposes.


The asus rt ac88u also comes with an inbuilt VPN server and has additional security features to safeguard your home network from malware. It also has an additional feature specifically dedicated for gamers. The asus rt ac88u has drastic similarities with its predecessor. It has four detachable antennas and couple of USB ports. One of the ports is USB 2.0 and the another one is USB 3.0. The presence of eight Gigabit LAN ports gives the advantage of attaching additional wired devices. This feature is believed to be the first of its kind in the arena of the wireless routers.

As already mentioned before, you have the option to integrate two LAN ports into one and to get lightning internet speeds of 2Gbps. With the facility of transforming one of the LAN ports to WAN, you have the liberty to add two broadband connections with a single wireless router. Most of the reviewing sites have thoroughly tested the asus rt ac88u and are more than satisfied with the results. This router is not very cheap, though; however, it can ideally suit the needs of those whose requirements are more. For the average home users, a more budget friendly router will be feasible. Read complete review here.

Any dual band wireless router is known to include the 802.11n wireless networking standard. This enables it to provide the maximum speed and the speed ranges within 600-900 Mbps. This is exceptionally better than the single band routers that offer a speed around the 54mbps mark. The asus rt ac88u is especially going to help those who often need to share their connection.

The introduction of the asus rt ac88u has definitely made the choice for buying a router rather easy for consumers.  They can specifically outline the features they want and the way they are going to use the internet. It is also important to keep in mind about the range of the router. For instance, if you need to broadcast the signal far, you will be better off buying the asus rt ac88u. Additionally, the enhanced security features available in this router is always going to secure your home network. But bearing in mind its high price, you should really have your specifications sorted out well in advance. In any case upgrading to asus rt ac88u is always going to be a worthy decision.